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26 A5 - Wound management products and elasticated garments

 Please note: silk garments are non-formulary

A5-03-03 Alginate dressings

Urgosorb Silver® range

Alginate and hydrocolloid dressings containing silver
Type of wound product is suitable for
Management of moderate to heavily exuding wounds that are clinically infected. Absorbs and gels on contact with wound exudate which facilitates debridement of devitalised tissue.
Dressing has haemostatic properties
Duration dressing remains on wound before changing
1-3 days dependent on exudate levels
Frequency of dressing change
1-3 days dependent on exudate levels
Caution/contraindications (when not to use the dressing, patient groups to avoid etc.)
Known sensitivity to any of the dressing components
Contraindicated in 3rd degree burns, dry necrotic eschar
Low exudate or dry wounds
Removal on those undergoing MRI scans
Avoid contact with electrodes or conductive gels during electronic measurement procedures
Rationale for inclusion in formulary
Can be used for moderate to heavily exuding clinically infected wounds
Can be used for debriding sloughy and wet necrotic wounds
Specialist Recommendation

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