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Chapter 26 : A5 - Wound management products and elasticated garments
Section Name
A5.02.08   First Choice
A5.05.02   First Choice
A5.06.01   First Choice
A5.15 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream   First Choice
A5.15 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Pump Spray and applicators  First Choice
A5.08.07 Actico 
A5.02.01 ActiForm Cool 
A5.03.01 Actilite (Honey Dressing) 
A5.02.05 ActivHeal Foam 
A5.02.05 ActivHeal Foam (Tracheostomy)  
A5.03.01 Activon Tube 
A5.03.01 Activon Tulle (Honey Dressing)  
A5.03.01 Algivon (Honey Dressing) 
A5.03.03 restricted  Allevyn Ag 
A5.02.05 Allevyn Cavity 
A5.02.03 Allevyn Life 
A5.02.05 Allevyn Non-Adhesive 
A5.02.05 Allevyn range  
A5.16 Appeel  
A5.02.04 Aquacel range  
A5.03.03 Aquacel Ag + Extra range  
A5.02.01 AquaForm  
A5.01.01 Atrauman   First Choice
A5.03.03 Atrauman Ag 
A5.02.04 BeneHold TASA 
A5.02.05 Biatain dressings 
A5.02.02 C View   Second Choice
A5.02.08 CarboFLEX 
A5.08.07 Cellona 
A5.13 Cetraben Pump cream 
A5.04.02 Cica-Care  
A5.08.03 Clinifast 
A5.07.03 Clinipore  First Choice
A5.02.08 Clinisorb  
A5.08.08 Coban, Coban Lite 
A5.08.07 Comprilan 
A5.15 Conotrane cream 
A5.08.03 Cotton Stokinette BP 
A5.03.04 Cutimed Sorbact 
A5.02.02 C-View Post-Op  
A5.05.03 Debrisoft 
A5.13 Dermatonics Once Heel balm 
A5.13 Dermol 500 Lotion 
A5.02.04 Duoderm range of dressings   First Choice
A5.11 Easy-Slide  
A5.01.02 Eclypse 
A5.14 Emulsifying Ointment 
A5.14 Epaderm Ointment 
A5.03.04 Flaminal Forte Gel  First Choice
A5.03.04 Flaminal Hydro Gel  
A5.16 Fludroxycortide tape  
A5.05.01 Gamgee 
A5.07.02 gauze swabs, non-woven swabs 
A5.09.01 Graduated compression hosiery  
A5.02.04 Granuflex 
A5.02.02 Hydrofilm  First Choice
A5.08.09 Ichthopaste 
A5.03.02 Inadine   First Choice
A5.03.02 Iodoflex  First Choice
A5.03.02 Iodosorb  First Choice
A5.12 Irripod 
A5.02.02 IV 3000 
A5.17 Jelonet 
A5.08.04 K- Lite 
A5.08.07 K Soft 
A5.03.04 Kendall AMD 
A5.17 Kerlix  
A5.01.02 KerraMaxCare 
A5.16 Kerraped 
A5.16 KerraPro 
A5.02.03 kliniderm Foam Silicone  
A5.08.02 Knit -band 
A5.08.06 Ko-Flex 
A5.03.04 Kytocel  First Choice
A5.10 LarvE 
A5.11 LimbO Waterproof protector 
A5.13 Liquid paraffin / white soft paraffin 50:50 
A5.03.01 L-Mesitran  
A5.09.02 Lymphoedema garments 
A5.11 Magnide 
A5.15 MediHoney barrier cream 
A5.07.03 Mefix  Second Choice
A5.04.02 Mepiform 
A5.02.03 Mepitel  
A5.01.02 Mepore  Second Choice
A5.15 Metanium ointment 
A5.16 metronidazole 0.75% gel Anabact
A5.01.01 N/A Ultra  Second Choice
A5.05.02 Oakmed Option Wound Manager 
A5.07.05 Omnistrip 
A5.06.01 PICO products 
A5.07.01 Polyfield Nitrile Patient Pack  primary care and BCHC, other Trusts as per contract
A5.02.05 PolyMem 
A5.03.04 Prontosan Wound Gel 30ml 
A5.03.04 Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution  
A5.12 Prontosan Wound Irrigation solution 
A5.15 Proshield plus   Second Choice
A5.15 ProShield 
A5.06.01 Renasys products 
A5.11 Seal-Tight Wound care protector 
A5.16 Silver nitrate  
A5.17 silver sulfadiazine 1% Flamazine
A5.17 Silver sulfadiazine 1.0g & Cerium nitrate 2.2g Flammercerium
A5.01.02 Softpore - self adhesive  First Choice
A5.02.06 Sorbsan range  First Choice
A5.05.01 Sterile Gauze swabs 7.5cmx7.5cm ONLY 
A5.15 Sudocrem  
A5.02.03 Suprasorb X 
A5.03.04 Suprasorb X + PHMB  
A5.02.05 Tegaderm Foam Adhesive 
A5.01.02 Telfa 
A5.06.01 Topical Negative Pressure Therapy 
A5.05.03 UCS Debridement 
A5.02.04 UrgoClean 
A5.08.08 UrgoK4 
A5.08.08 UrgoKTwo 
A5.02.06 Urgosorb 
A5.03.03 Urgosorb Silver range 
A5.04.01 UrgoSTART range 
A5.02.03 Urgotul 
A5.06.01 V.A.C. products 
A5.08.09 Viscopaste 
A5.05.01 Xupad range 
A5.13 ZeroAQS cream 
A5.13 Zerobase 
A5.13 Zerocream 
A5.13 Zeroderm ointment 
A5.13 Zeroguent 
A5.01.02 Zetuvit E 
A5.01.02 Zetuvit PLUS 
A5.15 Zinc and castor oil ointment 
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