Report : Traffic light status report 26/05/2019 14:20:03
Section Name Number of items
Green Green  721
Amber Amber  625
Red Red  665
Black Black  425
Unknown Unknown  89
Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull and environs APC Formulary

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Green Medicines which are suitable for initiation and maintenance prescribing by primary and secondary care clinicians. These medicines should be initiated and prescribed within their licensed indications.  
 Amber Initiation and maintenance of prescribing by Specialists and transfer to Primary Care prescribing when appropriate, or initiation and maintenance of prescribing in Primary Care following recommendation from a Specialist.

Some amber medicines require agreement with the local (internal) medicines committee prior to initiation; others may require a framework to support safe transfer and maintenance of care such as a RICaD or ESCA. The Formulary will be annotated to reflect these requirements.   
 Red Medicines for initiation and maintenance prescribing by Specialists only  
 Black Non-formulary medicines- medicines not recommended for routine primary care prescribing.  
 Grey Positive NICE TA and /or awaiting local clarification on place in therapy ; Please contact your Medicines Optimisation team for more information.